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Managing your Finances during the COVID-19

Managing your Finances during the COVID-19

In this fluid situation, we want people to focus on three issues initially for maintaining financial health:

  • Quarantine finances – The volatility of the market is unavoidable, but that doesn’t mean people should cash out on their retirement plans or long-term savings. Focus on current cash flow and short-term stability, and keep a distance from other long-term accounts.
  • Recognize fraud – It’s sad but true that every tragedy is an opportunity for scammers. Already, many standard online, phone and email scams have been updated to prey on our fears of COVID-19. These range from selling “COVID-killing cleaning supplies” that are little more than dish soap to fake charities that purport to help victims but actually pocket your donations.
  • Seek the right help – There’s no shortage of excellent advice from personal finance experts. However, there’s less credible and proven advice on how to handle specific forms of debt for the duration of the COVID-19 shutdowns. That’s where certified financial experts can help. 

“Industry professionals know which creditors have extended deadlines and are offering extended terms. They know existing rules and laws that allow you to juggle limited resources until the emergency has passed. They can advise you when and if to borrow against retirement accounts or secure home equity lines of credit,” says Howard Dvorkin.

Americans are struggling with their finances and those who are having trouble paying their debts should consult financial experts.

We are here to help in any way we can. If you have questions about your financial impact please reach out to us! 

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